Monday, April 5, 2010


(Many thanks to David Baldinger)


David said...

Just a suggestion, Gus. How about in English, this way:

"You therapy is working. Your wife is losing her shyness!"

Just a thought. I've, on occasion, cleaned up English for Firuz Kutal in Norway and helped Ares with his curriculum vitae translation. I'm certainly no English expert though! :) Great cartoon by the way. Beautifully drawn.

Garrincha said...

you're absolutely right.
well, that's one of the reasons i'm drawing corina tedeschi with no words!
thank you so much!

David said...

Hey, no problem Gus. If you have any other questions on phrasing and such, feel free to ask. I'm happy to lend a hand. No need to credit me. I really like the alien characters a lot. Are you going to run the strip as a net strip?

Garrincha said...

i'll give you a shout, if it's not much trouble.

and about the strip, yeah, i'll give it a shot, see how it does, test the creativity and gather a big stack of material to submit it to syndicates if it's worthy.

we'll see.