Tuesday, January 15, 2013


. . .

I was commissioned to draw the art for some Christmas cards for next year.

The text is not mine, just the drawings. And when you are conceptualizing someone else's ideas, you tend to make mistakes.

This was the first version of one of the cards. The praying girl looked like she was crying, and she was too Latina, whatever that means.

A more regular girl this time, but I was told her eyebrow was weird and it looked like she had tree eyes. Also, more Christmas colors were welcome, so...

... this is the third version.

Hope it's final.

This one was fine.

Again, the woman in the doctor's office looked too Latina and her expression was vague, not what Noble Cards had in mind.

A younger woman, but there is something weird by her mouth.

More green and red, and the earring is better drawn now, I think.

Stay tuned.

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