Thursday, October 11, 2007

Houston we have a blog.

Yeah, another one. I started one in Spanish, but then all the cartoons were in English, so I hope that I will not end up doing the other way around.

I have been cartooning for more than 20 years now, and being an absolute Peanuts fan, drawing comics became kind of a natural.

What I'll start posting here are the latest strips I began drawing again when I came to the States two years ago.

Be patient, grab your eyeglasses or you beer, and try to understand chaos, which is the name of the feature. This is the first one.

(Of course, if you click on the image, your eyes will thank you.)








Infortunato Liborio del Campo said...

Good idea the English version. You can reach more people.

Good luck bro

jose varela said...

Shakespeare and Cervantes were the best copywriter I ever knew!

Anyway Shakespeare beats Cervantes because when Willy uses two words, Miguel needs ten!!!!

Go ahead... (and good luck)

Cubanita in Colorado said...

This is such an un-freaking-believable GOOD idea!!!
The worms espic inglish?!
Shut up!.

DaftDragon said...


You made my morning, I hope there are more to come!!!

Serious talent dude.